Play ANY video file to
Apple TV & Chromecast

No video conversions required. Get watching now!

Looking for the Mac version?

Full Stream Ahead!

You have a computer full of video files, and you want to stream them to your TV, but your Apple TV or Chromecast won't let you play your AVI and MKV files. No problem! PopCast brings you freedom by letting you stream ALL of your videos to your TV streaming device, no matter what file format. It's also really, really, ridiculously good looking.

No more waiting for video conversion!

Start watching your video content now and forget about those lengthy conversion times. PopCast does live video conversion which means you can instantly begin to watch your video content.

Queue video files to Apple TV

So many file formats!

Name a video file format and PopCast probably supports it. Which means you're no longer restricted to playing only the formats that the big fellas want you to play.

Play MKV, AVI on Apple TV

Playlists? More like yay-lists!

Queue up your favorite videos and play them to your favorite streaming device. Drag and drop new files, or click a button to select them, the possibilities are endless. Ok, maybe not, but your playlists can be!

Queue video files to Apple TV

Why can't we all just get along?

PopCast works on both Mac and Windows, which means that your choice of streaming device no longer forces you to own the matching computer. Isn't freedom great!

Windows and OSX compatible.

And so many supported devices!

PopCast can stream videos to not one... not three... but TWO types of devices! Use it in the boardroom at work, streaming your video presentation to an Apple TV. Or curl up at home with some popcorn and stream your favorite videos to a Chromecast. In fact, PopCast supports EVERY combination of work, home, Apple TV, Chromecast, Mac, Windows, popcorn and no popcorn.

Works with Apple TV 3 and Chromecast!

With PopCast in your family, you'll never be restricted by file formats or devices again.

So what are you waiting for...

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